The City of Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities (DPU), one of the largest municipal utility providers in South Carolina, supplies electrical power to the greater Orangeburg area. DPU has purchased its electricity wholesale from South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) for approximately 80 years, which has allowed DPU to offer some of the lowest electric rates in South Carolina.

SCE&G is an investor-owned utility that supplies electrical power to some of the small towns and unincorporated areas of Orangeburg County. SCE&G owns and operates Cope Station, a coal-fired electric generating plant near Cope, SC. The company pays approximately $8 million in property taxes annually to Orangeburg County.

Three electric cooperatives also supply power to small towns and unincorporated areas. South Carolina Public Service Authority, better known as Santee Cooper, is the state’s publicly-owned utility which generates power for these local membership cooperatives. Palmetto Economic Development Corporation represents Santee Cooper and the cooperatives in negotiations with industrial clients.

South Carolina Pipeline Corporation, a subsidiary of Columbia, SC-based SCANA Corporation, is the DPU’s wholesale provider of natural gas.

Most communities in Orangeburg County provide municipal water and wastewater services within their town limits. Depending on demand and project feasibility, service may be extended to individual industrial sites near these communities.

DPU provides water and wastewater services to industrial and commercial customers in Orangeburg County. The north fork of the Edisto River serves as the primary source of clean, high-quality water. DPU’s water treatment plant can produce 19 million gallons per day (gpd), and its wastewater treatment plant can process 9 million gpd. Currently, excess water capacity is 7 million gpd and excess wastewater treatment capacity is 4.5 million gpd. DPU is preparing for further growth by building an additional water storage facility capable of holding 4 million gallons.

More than 11 years in the making, the physical plant groundbreaking of the Lake Marion Water Project was held January 2005. Eventually this water system will provide up to 12 million gpd. It will utilize this area’s extraordinary asset, Lake Marion, to bring potable water to communities in Calhoun, Clarendon, Dorchester, Orangeburg and Sumter counties. This is the first key piece in the puzzle that will develop the water and sewer infrastructure that is pivotal to attracting new economic investments needed to create jobs and improve tax bases.

South Carolina is a leader in upgrading its telecommunications infrastructure to meet business needs in the information age. The state’s local telephone companies are collectively investing millions of dollars to install fiber optics and other leading-edge telecommunications technology. Eight telephone companies provide modern telecommunications services in Orangeburg County from 15 central office locations. All of these central offices are equipped with state-of-the-art digital switches to ensure speed, flexibility and reliability for voice, data and video transmissions.


City of Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities
Provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater services in Orangeburg, the greater Orangeburg metropolitan area and some of the surrounding towns.

Palmetto Economic Development Corporation
Represents Santee Cooper and the three electric cooperatives (Aiken, Edisto and Tri-County Electric Cooperatives) that serve Orangeburg County in marketing to potential industrial customers.

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
Provides service to small towns and some unincorporated areas of Orangeburg County.


Available from the City of Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities and South Carolina Electric & Gas Company.


City of Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities
Water capacity 19 million gpd
Excess capacity 7 million gpd
Sewer capacity 9 million gpd
Excess capacity 4.5 million gpd