Attractive to business and industry, Orangeburg County is enjoying economic growth. Orangeburg County features a strategic location between Columbia and the port city of Charleston, excellent infrastructure, positive business climate, natural beauty, temperate climate, and enjoyable quality of life. The past five years have proven to be unprecedented in terms of retail expansion. With population increases, a rise in per capita income, aggressive marketing efforts and industrial growth, the future of Orangeburg County is exciting. For six years in a row, Orangeburg County has enjoyed record industrial growth. More than 4,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created in the last six years.

For more information about economic development:

Orangeburg County Development Commission
C. Gregory Robinson – Executive Director
125 Regional Parkway, Suite 100
Orangeburg, SC 29118
125 Regional Parkway
Suite 100
Orangeburg, SC 29115
(803) 536-3333
(803) 534-1165 (fax)


Average winter temperature – 46 degrees

Average summer temperature – 79 degrees

Average annual temperature – 63 degrees

Average annual rainfall – 47 inches

Elevation – 245 ft. above sea level


A demographic profile of the regional market shows the population of Orangeburg in 2000 at 67,326 within a 15-mile radius, and 170,787 within a 30-mile radius.

The population figures of the market area and its environs have been aggregated into three categories representing the ranges of proximity to the City of Orangeburg.

See Detailed County Overview / Demographics

Metropolitan Orangeburg
Population – 45,000*

Suburban Tier
(15 mile radius of city including parts of Calhoun and Bamberg Counties. City population included.)
Population – 67,326

Second Market Area (30 mile radius of City with area near Columbia discounted due to that market pull – includes parts of Dorchester, Calhoun and Bamberg Counties. Inclusive of all figures and remainder of Orangeburg County.)
Population – 170,787






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